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This is an spare-time project named BlackBox and the goal is to develop a reusable library wich is easy to incorporate in your own solution and yet provide you with many useful functions and controls.

The development maintains mainly by one single developer with it's pros and cons. However, the license model is OpenSource and therefore the library is free to use and even to extend, but the main development is still under the control of the original developer. Any contributions in forms of ideas and code are very welcome though.

Most of the source code is written in C# and compiled wth Visual Studio.

Latest News

Created the project website

11 Dec 05

Finally, the website began to take shape. It has now evolved from basic ideas and layout proposals to a viewable website.


Extends the basic .NET functionality with new and customized functions.

Here you can find classes for string formatting, data access and much more.

All classes in the Core assembly can be used either with Windows applications or with web applications.


Here you can find custom web controls, validation functions and much more useful functions to be used by your websites.

All classes in the Web assembly is meant to be used in web applications.


The Windos assembly is a collection of functions and controls used in Windows application development.

All classes in the Windows assembly is used in Windows application development only.


Carpe Diem. Let the future show what it has in mind...